My New Fave Swim Suit - From Breezy Swim

April 11, 2019

Hey my loves!!!


Don't hate me. I know I've been gone too long. The important thing, though, is that I'm still here. 😘 So, with that being said, let's talk about my new favorite swim suit.


 LOOK AT THIS FLAWLESS SLAY! lol It's not just me, in this case, guys. This super comfy, super cute, super perfect suit from Breezy swim not only adds flawless slay to your look, but it's an absolute perfect fit, which is super hard for me to find.


 As a member of the slim thick army, it's hard for me to find clothing that fits both my upper half and my lower half perfectly. I usually have to make a choice about which half I want to cater to and roll with it. However, breezy swim gives you the option to customize your order, so you can order a small top and a medium bottom, for example.


Now, get this... When I received my order, I was a bit thrown off because I'd ordered a small top and a medium bottom, but I received a small in both. 🧐 But I went ahead and tried it on... LADIES! Look. At. This. Fit. It's snug but not too tight, doesn't cut into my waist, and stays in perfect place without me not being able to breathe or body parts nearly popping out. What a relief to find a true small, especially with sizing getting smaller and smaller.


It also came in this cute little packaging (wrapped in the white gift tissue and placed inside this pink pineapple bag), which I'm a sucker for.  All in all, I loved my first Breezy experience. I would have liked to try a medium for comparison, so I'll make sure I get a medium bottom next time. How do you like my new suit?


Shop Breezy Swim at and use code: IAMMALLORY for 10% off and let me know which suit you get and how you like it.


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