2018 Was Good to Me

December 31, 2018


Hey loves!


Being that today is NYE 2018, it’s only right that i release my last post of the year: a review of my goals and expectations for 2018. If you don’t remember (or didn’t read), here’s what I wanted and how I faired this year. 


2018 Goals

Advance in my career - in a way, ✅
Gain $7,200 in yearly income - ✅
Rid my life of major stresses - ✅✅✅
Rid my life of empty obligations - ✅✅✅
Transition my focus and dedication to work that I love like music, PR, and the arts - in progress


I didn't hit all my goals head on, but I think that's pretty good! What I am extremely proud to reflect on are the expectations I had for 2018. Among the several I set, my major expectation was of myself: to, no matter what happens, make this year a great one by intentionally being happy and having a more positive/progressive outlook. So, whether the year was good to me doesn't;t matter, I was good to myself. I can honestly say that I did that and that's the main difference between my 2017 and 2018.


So, cheers to 2018!🥂 May 2019 be amazing because we make it so. What will you do to make 2019 great?



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February 27, 2017

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