Vacay on a REAL Budget

July 30, 2018


Hey loves!


If you're anything like me, you watch people your age and younger travel often, to exotic places, or both. And if you're anything more like me, you wonder "HOW SWAY???" Where do you get this "budget you say you're on? Well, when my girls asked me to take a trip this summer, I was already tired of watching everybody else travel. It was my turn and I was going to do it right: inexpensively. Here's how to do it.


Options, options, optons...

Choose a general environment you'd like to visit: beach, mountains, party scene, etc. Guess what. Theres something that fits the criteria near by. This eliminates the need for expensive travel arrangements. Even if you live in SE Texas and one of your nearest beaches is Galveston, there are beautiful beaches only a matter of hours from you. 


Finesse Room and Board

Do you know how wide spread and common rental properties are now? Though chances aren't always extremely high, theres a plausible possibility that you know someone who owns rental property. It never hurts to ask around, because if a friend or a friend of a friend owns property, you may just end up staying for free. Even if you don't know anyone who owns property where you're going, rental services can be much less expensive and a lot more enjoyable than hotels.


Splitting is Litty

It's pretty self-explanatory, people. The more people involved, the lower the expenses.


Now, I don't travel much yet. What advice do you guys have for traveling on a budget?



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February 27, 2017

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