#AskMallory: My Favorite Trends in Men’s Fashion

August 6, 2018

Hey loves,


Since I speak to fashion, wholistic health, and beauty from my POV, one of my male readers recently asked if I prefer any trends in men’s fashion. DO I? Here the are.


Keep it Cool

Almost any day or event can be perfectly accompanied by a casual look properly accessorized to fit the situation.




Layers and Accent Pieces

They just work.💁🏾




The Tailored or Slim Fit Suit

Please don’t argue with me. It’s a classic and it can take you from “he’s so adorable” to “oh my God! Who is that?”




Skinnies and Slim Fit Pants

Baggy pants on a man just aren’t flattering. You guys naturally carry less fat than women. Take advantage.

*But be sure to grab a pair that’s just right for your body type. Too tight can take you from “dang he can dress” to “why does he have those on?” Too loose defeats the purpose.*





The clothes don’t matter if you don’t have the confidence to rock it. Confidence can turn the strangest fit into a new trend.




Special Thanks

Thank you to Son of Love, Gary Alfred, and Brandon Watts for sharing photos with me so that I could share some of my favorite men's trends. Among others, they are some of my favorite dressers.


Guys, what are your favorite trends or pieces to wear?


Remember to submit your questions to #AskMallory by filling out the contact form below.



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