#TipTuesday: Take it Easy

May 22, 2018


Hey loves,


This here is for my workaholics. I get it. Working is just what you do. In fact, for some of us, working is what we love. It gives us joy or even value. But sometimes even something we enjoy can tire us out or get so frustrating that it brings us down, especially when you’re doing it with others. That’s when you have to take a little “vacay” to regroup, reflect, and recharge. 


Vacation doesn’t mean going on a trip either. Vacay can be sitting at home, intentionally not thinking about whatever it is you do on a daily basis. Whatever your idea of vacation is, it can be a huge help in making sure that you don’t get completely burnt out at your job or obligations. So this is my summer tip to you: take a break and come back better than before, ready to go hard or go home.


Speaking of vacay, I’ve got some things coming your way this summer.👀 Stay tuned.


What’s your favorite way to vacay and what suggestions do you have? Locations? Things to do?



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February 27, 2017

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