Protective Styles: #ItsLit

May 6, 2018


Hey loves,


So, even though some of my ladies may be better informed after reading this post, this is more so for my guys. I want them to understand the healthy whys behind protective styles. (I am not speaking for everyone, but for the ladies who choose protective styles for the protection, ease, and versatility.)



Guys, women don't always wear weave, braids, etc. because we don't like or have our own hair. Protective styles are just that: protective. They store our sensitive hair away from daily wear and tear brought on by styling, washing, detangling, weather, and the elements. In turn, our hair has a chance to grow healthy without breaking and damage.



Most of us work and/or go to school, which means we don't have a schedule that permits us to fully care for our hair the way we'd like to (natural hair care takes TIME, man). Therefore, protective styles not only protect our hair, but they offer the chance to look great, without being late (or waking up in the wee hours).



Have you ever seen those IG/Facebook posts that say dating a black girl is like dating multiple women? Yeah, that way. Protective styles allow us limitless styles without the damage or the consumption of a mass of time.


The Unhealthy Why

Ladies, if you're wearing protective styles, because you don't like your hair (or the lack there of), stop hating on yourself and change your hair. put in the work to grow its health, and length, if you want. You're already wearing protective styles. Use them to your advantage. But remember, until you like your hair, you'll never be happy with it anyway.


So guys, if you're still hating on our fab hair, stop! You like it anyway.😜


Guys, why do you like when we switch it up?

Ladies, what's your fave protective style?



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February 27, 2017

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