Monday Motivation

March 12, 2018

Hey loves,


I know people hate Monday's but, in my opinion, they're not as bad as we make them seem. However, have you ever had a Monday that just really messes with you? One that leaves you thinking, "Dang, really? Is my week really going to start like this?" I definitely have one every now and then. Here's how I cope.


1. Breathe.

2. Think about the big picture purpose of what I'm doing? What's the goal and where does the right now get me? It makes it a little easier to keep going.

3. If my situation is just that terrible, I start looking for something better to replace it or focus on.

4. Find an alone place (usually my car), roll my eyes, and say, "Whatever!" to the day, everything, and everybody trying to ruin it.


Remember, you control your happiness. Some days can be rough, but keep fighting. You've got this.



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February 27, 2017

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