I’m Still Me

February 12, 2018

Hey loves.

I’ve realized, especially lately, that being unapologetically me (or you) is hard. It’s even more of a challenge when you look around (or on social media) and see all these young people seeming to have it all together. They seem to be successful at younger and younger ages. It’s hard to be completely oneself when certain standards have been set for fame and “success,” or it seems that everything has already been done.

The other realization that I always come back to, however, is that it’s so much more taxing to be someone beside oneself. Do you understand how much minutely work that takes? That’s a discussion for another day but, here’s what i focus on....

I’d rather be me because... 


I’m beautiful.

Whether it’s with make-up, a wig, weave, or a bare face, pimples, and natural hair, I AM BEAUTIFUL. And it has nothing to do with my physical appearance, but everything to do with how I chose to see myself. How do you chose to see you?


I am enough.

I may not have what someone else has, but I have been fully and perfectly equipped with what I need for this point in my journey. Even more, I have been made exactly for my purpose. What others have doesn’t matter because our journeys are not the same. Will you use your equipment or will you continue to look on wishing you had someone else’s?


Being me makes me happy.

Literally. Every chance I take to be unapologetically me makes me elated. On the front end, it may not look glamorous and there’s a huge chance people will judge (because that’s what humans do), but once I’ve made the decision to be me I feel relieved and confident in my own skin.


I am Mallory. Who will you be?



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February 27, 2017

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