Issa Miracle: How I Straighten My Natural Hair

January 18, 2018

Hey loves,


I recently straightened my hair, which I do only twice a year for a trim and length check. I got a lot of questions as to how I get my hair bone straight, I assume, because my hair is bigger and curlier than ever. Well, here's the answer. (This post is about to be extremely short because there's nothing to it.)


What You'll Need

Your favorite flat iron. I use a variation of a Herstyler. That brand has always gotten the job done in the absolute best way.

A bristle brush. This is the wooden or plastic-handled brush with tons of tiny wire bristles. Mama used to use these to absolutely flatten your hair to your head for ponytails and scratch the skin off your face.

Thoroughly detangled hair. Do not try to straighten tangled hair and expect a bone straight result. It's not going to happen.

Heat protectant. Heat is already damaging. Heat on unprotected natural hair is a no-no!

A comb.

A blow dryer. Blow dried hair is much easier to get completely straight than more textured hair.


What To Do

Spray hair with a generous amount of heat protectant, comb it through, and blow dry hair to the texture of your preference. ( I like to try to get my hair as straight as possible during the pre-straightening. No worries, though, that's not that straight.)

Separate your blow dried hair into 4-8 large sections of hair.

Start with a large section at the bottom of your head.

Separate a thin bottom most layer of hair in the chosen section.

Use the bristle brush to remove any remaining kinks from the thin layer.

Place the bristle brush at the root of the thin layer and brush through until there is just enough room to place the flat iron behind it.

Slowly move the bristle brush down the shaft of the thin layer of hair following the brush closely with the flat iron. (This completely straightens each strand leaving no curls or kinks behind.)

Voila! You did it. Repeat until the large section is complete, then continue until your entire head is full of luscious straight hair.


Told you guys it would be short and sweet.


What products and tools do you use to straighten your hair? How often do you do it?



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