January 5, 2018


Hey loves!


Last week I talked about my expectations of 2018; the general direction and positivity I want out of my entire year. I also mentioned what expectations I had of myself in order for 2018 to be what I want it to be. (If you haven’t already read the post, here it is: 2018 Expectations)


This week I’m outing my 2018 goals. Accountability requires someone knowing what the desired result or objective is so... here we go.


  1. Advance in my career

  2. Gain $7,200 in yearly income

  3. Rid my life of major stresses

  4. Rid my life of empty obligations

  5. Transition my focus and dedication to work that I love like music, PR, and the arts


Now, I’m keeping an open mind, especially as to how these goals are met. And I know that sometimes goals don’t get met due to life and factors outside of oneself, but for now, this is what I want. I’m going for it.


What are your 2018 goals?



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February 27, 2017

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