Athletic Waist Contour: The Follow-Up

March 22, 2018

 Hey loves,


Who's been using their waist contours? Well I used it faithfully for a while. Now, not so much. Not because it doesn't make me sweat, but because now that I've lost some unwanted fat around my mid-section, it feels more beneficial not to use it.


While my main goal was to get rid of unwanted fat, using the waist contour was great. I sweat more while restoring my posture and mid-section curves (the tiny bit I had in the first place. *rolls eyes*).




However, now that I'm on a fat burning roll, and working on building muscle back up, it makes more sense to leave the waist contour off. Here's why.

1. Now that my waist is smaller, the contour doesn't fit like it used to. It used to hug my waist without me having to wrap it too tight. Now, in order for it to hug me the way I'd like, I have to wrap it way too tight for a workout.

2. Because of the structure of the contour, lifting and doing more intense ab work in it is highly uncomfortable. I want to maximize my movement and the contour does't always allow me to.

3. I read another blog about waist contours and trainers, written by a chiropractor, and she dropped some knowledge: in order to build, muscles need oxygen. So, now that it's time for me to bulk and tone, I had to drop the contour.


Now, it's not going in the trash, because it did work for my initial goals, but as for right now, I'm building organically.


How have you guys been liking your waist contours?




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February 27, 2017

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