2018 Expectations

December 31, 2017


Hey loves!


I hope your holiday season is going as wonderfully as possible. Since the new year is right around the corner, I thought I might share my expectations of 2018. That's right! I am expecting great things of this year. After the 2017 I've had, I kind of have a right to.



May my relationships blossom. May the appropriate ones grow in love, strength, and understanding, and may those that run their coarse dissipate in peace.



May my career flourish and may guidance and purpose be granted, realized, and properly utilized.



May my financials flourish for the purposes of saving, investing in myself and others, and loving on my loved ones.



May I grow stronger in faith, trust, love (self and outward), confidence, strength, and all things positively spiritual.



May my social life and social media explode. (Just being honest.)


What I expect of myself in 2018

May I declare that this year will be an amazing one, whether I get what I want or not; whether I sail through it like the wind through the trees or get stuck in some places I don't want to be. May I realize that a great year has nothing to do with what happens to me but how I choose to live every day. May I choose to live happily for the entirety of 2018. And so may you.



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February 27, 2017

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