Sweat Bands vs. Athletic Body Contours

December 10, 2017

Hey loves.


Ive recently switched from wearing a sweat band while working out to wearing a body contour made for athletic use. I got some requests to do a comparison review so, here it is.


I've been using the body contour for about two weeks, working out 2-3 days per week. (Yes, I know that's not frequent enough.) I can't say that one is better than the other, but I do prefer the body contour and here's why...




To be honest, I'm visually provoked. When I see pretty things I want them, and when brands started making this more complex cross between sweat bands and waist cinchers, I wanted the latter. In my opinion, the body contour is aesthetically more attractive than the sweat band because it contours (hint hint) to your body and looks more athletic.



The design of the body contour actually does serve more of a purpose than looking nice. While the sweat band may be more comfortable initially, the contour has a structured back that betters posture, especially during a workout. I didn't think it was true before I tried it, but it does. I have scoliosis, an over-arched back, and lower back fractures, so the support is something I value. Plus, the abnormal curvatures in my torso create creases that the sweat band sinks into. That's uncomfortable.



Now, the sweat band definitely provokes sweating! That's what I love about it. After wearing it during a workout, my entire torso would be soaked! So far, the result isn't as intense after wearing the body contour during a workout. However, the fabric on the inside of the body contour is more breathable and absorbent than that of the sweat band. That and the fact that I don't run anymore could definitely skew the results.


Visual Results

Now y'all, if you don't already know, I'm skeptical of all this waist shaping talk. I definitely stay away from the cinchers, because that's not natural, and seems dangerous, to me. However, if i can sweat it off, I'm down. Somehow, I think this body contour is also shaping my waist. I'm not sure how, because I don't pull it tight enough to do so, but I have seen a small difference in my curves already. Hmmm... *clutches chin*


Overall Quality

Overall, the body contour is more durable and of a higher quality. I haven't had my sweat band for a year yet and it's already tearing (and it's made by a household name). On the other hand, my body contour is thicker and heavier. It just feels like it will last a long time. We'll see if I continue to see results.


Do you agree with the use of sweat bands, waist cinchers, and body contours?


See y'all later.





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February 27, 2017

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