I Am Blog Review: Vera Loo Presents

October 30, 2017


Hey loves.


I’m actually pretty excited to do this review. Obviously, the bath treats trend has recently blown up. The thing is, I never tried the products. Why? I felt it was a waste of my money. Outside looking in, I found it to be a trivial trend that wasn’t worth the small amount of money I have, being a new professional. Plus I hadn’t taken a bath in years. I claim I don’t have time to. (Yes, I bathe. I just don’t take baths.🙄) However, my recent encounter with Vera Loo Presents  has changed my mind. Check it out.


The bath bombs immediately appealed to my girly and nerdy sides. The reaction of the water hitting the bomb fascinated me and as it dissolved, my bath turned a misty, glittery deep teal. 😍😍😍


As I sat, though, I noticed that the water didn’t feel like just water. Have you ever noticed that water without product can feel a bit drying? Not with my Vera Loo Presents Bath Bomb! It’s true! The hand-made products give the water a soft, soothing feel that obviously moisturized my skin. I love it! When speaking on the origin of her company, CEO and Founder, Vera stated, "VLPRESENTS came about as experimental merchandise as I was building Vera Loo Presents and figuring out where I wanted to go with the brand itself. Some of the formulas come from my grandmother and her treatment of my childhood troubles with eczema and sensitive skin. Some are things I created with my sensitive skin in mind that still allowed me to enjoy the trendy and luxurious skincare practices/products. I also wanted to create a safe place for the quintessential, quirky girl/guy like myself who loved taking care of themselves via self care and a little splurging every now and then."


Last but not least, I left my bath sparkling and smelling like lavender, jasmine, and all the pretty-smelling blue or purple flowers you can think of. I will say I had to lightly scrub my tub to get the color out, but I feel like that's expected with any product of color that sits in bath water.


Now, as for use, because I don’t personally have time for a bath every day, I won’t be using these on a daily basis, but, they would make great gifts and me-time products. Guys, take a hint.😉


I asked Vera about unapologetically being true to herself through her company and she told us that Vera Loo Presents helps her to do just that. "It isn’t easy being unapologetic, it takes a lot of guts and glory to be vulnerable enough to be as objective as possible to serve your core customer or audience ; or be open minded enough to allow serendipity to inspire things to present to them that are unique and fun. I strive every day to simply listen, whether it’s in the comments, at an event I’m vending, DMs , etc. People will let you know what they like and don’t like. Also, Vera Loo Presents is essentially me, it keeps what I sell+ present as true to myself as it can get and I appreciate those who relate and support that."


If you’re looking for bath treats, soaps, and more, head over to Vera Loo Presents and follow them on Instagram at veraloopresents.


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February 27, 2017

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