Shea and Her Moisture: New Fave Facial Product

October 2, 2017


OMG guys!


I'm so excited! I found a new facial product that I just have to share with you. As you know, in January 2017, I found a love for taking better care of my facial skin. I started off using top-of-the-line "natural" products from Sephora. (Please don't be mistaken, I love Sephora. I'm a VIB and everything. They have the best make-up selection and service, hands down.) But, those products didn't feel completely natural to me. My face is very sensitive and using my favorite facial products from Sephora is always a battle. I love the clarified glow the products give me, but one even burns the application site almost immediately after applying it. Thumbs down, right? No worries, though. Let me tell you about Shea.


I recently ran out of my Glam Glow Supermud Clearing Treatment from Sephora, but hadn't gotten anymore and had made a mental note to find a milder clay mask in a larger jar. So when I had to make a Walmart run for conditioner, and ran straight into the Shea Moisture section (yes, they have a whole mini-section in my home Walmart), I was quite pleased. This entire section was filled with multiple lines of Shea Moisture facial and body skin care products. There I found my new best friend, Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Radiance Mud Mask. The next morning we got closely acquainted.


As soon as I opened the jar, a heavenly smell was released. Brownie point number one. When I began to apply the mask, I did feel a slight tingle/sting, meaning the product was purifying and clarifying as it's supposed to, but the sensation quickly faded, meaning it wasn't burning my skin. YES! I was already excited. The directions require half the wait time of the Glam Glow mask, so after 10 minutes I started rinsing my face. Instead of sticking to my face like the Glam Glow product, the Shea Moisture mask rinsed right off. Quick & Easy enough to use in the mornings while getting ready for my day. Then I looked in the mirror. My face had a radiant, golden glow that has lasted for days. Now, the Glam Glow does clarify, but if I go a week or more with out using it, I have to use it a few times before I get the same smooth glowing skin that I got with one application of the Shea Moisture mask. The Glam Glow results also don't last as long and I can't use it daily. It's too strong for my skin.


All in all, I definitely like the Glam Glow mask, but prefer the lighter-textured, less harsh Shea Moisture mask that gives me a better, longer-lasting result. Wouldn't you?  Now, don't take my word for it, we all have different skin and preferences, but I thought I should definitely expose y'all to this much less expensive option. I mean, it's half the price for a much larger jar.


So, who's going to try it? Comment below telling me what products you use and if you like one of the above.



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February 27, 2017

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