Bad & Casual: My Reluctant Trip to DSW

September 11, 2017

Hey loves!


Let's talk about me and shoes. *rolls eyes*


Little known facts...

  1. I love shopping! I don't do it much but, I love new things.

  2. I AM frugal, y'all. It's just a fact of life that if Mallory can find a way to get something for a minimal price, she will.

  3. Until this year, I have never been interested in shoes. I never cared about how cute they were or thought they could make a huge difference in an outfit like other women do, so I bought what I needed (sometimes not event that much) and spent years wearing them out until they were unwearable. Literally.

  4. This year, after slipping below my norm, I set a visual standard for myself to ensure that I am always my best in a well rounded way: always look "bad," but be comfortable.

With that being said, you can imagine my surprise when I found myself scrolling through shoe sites favoriting dozens of sandals and pumps in the latest styles. I mean, yeah, I like to shop, but I'm a 24-year-old frugal new professional who never buys shoes. So, I ignored my new interest and chalked it up to a lack of shopping. Soon though, I could no longer ignore my beat-up shoes. Besides the pair of red pumps that are so far gone that after falling apart at a Houston Black Expo event the shoe doctor couldn't even fix them, I have a closet full of still-surviving pairs that are, for the most part, cheaply made because I got them from an off-brand store in hopes to save money. They're all hard to walk in and next-to-go. Lesson learned. I mean, how am I supposed to look my best when half my shoes are dirty and crumbling, while I'm stumbling around on the other half which are unstable?


Eventually, after ranting to my boyfriend about my shoe dilemma (poor guy, all he said was that he'd noticed me looking at shoes a lot lately), I came to a hard conclusion: "If you want shoes of decent quality, you're going to have to spend a little money. And you need to get rid of all those broke down ones in your closet now. Ha! You tried it. Go get some shoes." *side eyes self*


So, I did a little pricing research online, then reluctantly pulled into the lot of the closest DSW. I walked in with the intent of using up the $55 left on some gift cards plus maybe an extra $20 on some inexpensive, multipurpose sandals and pumps. Though, my heart is still hurt from spending money, I'm ecstatic at what I found and will slowly replace my current selection with low-priced name brands in the future. Take a look...


Mix No. 6 - Black Faux Suede

I'm obsessed with the chunky heel.


Mix No. 6 - Black/Floral Fabric

Again, obsessed. Also, Mix No. 6 has been faithful in its low pricing and comfortability, so they're kinda my fav.


Steve Madden Softey Eva Fur Slide - Leopard

I've been against slides since they came out, but this new furry/bow/cutsey slide trend is right up my alley. Steve had to have made these just for me. They replaced my beat-up Old Navy flip flops est. 2011.


What do you guys think? What are some other brand name shoe retailers with low prices? You know where to leave your answers.


Talk to y'all later.




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February 27, 2017

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