For my Ladies & Guys: Facial Flip-Out

July 10, 2017


Hey loves!


How was your 4th of July? Mine was calm, but nice.


Anyway, I want to share with you guys my current fav facial products because I've noticed lately that, one: those who use medicated products to clear acne or blemishes may want to try natural (or non-medicated) products, two: even us ladies with blemish-free skin want to keep a certain glow, and that, three: ladies aren't the only ones who want nice skin. We like are men to glow, and whether they want to admit it or not, our guys want clear skin too. (Don't lie and say you don't care, guys. I've heard several men talking about the issue.)


Now, some people like to doubt me because I don't have acne-prone skin. However, what you don't know is that I have extremely oily skin and break out when I'm stressed or at a certain time of the month. I always have, so I've learned my skin and have always kept routines/products on hands to keep my skin smooth when needed.


Let's get started...



African Black Soap (daily cleanser) - I don't know what it is about ABS, but it doesn't hard skin like some soap (especially scented/dyed) does. I love that its made from of natural elements like honey,... And it feels as if it also purifies.



Activated Charcoal Mask (purifier as needed) - What more can I say, it literally pulls impurities out of your, you can seem them on the mask when you pull it off. I don't suggest using it daily, though. I use it, or the clay mask, when I start to visibly notice a build up of oil and dirt under my skin.



Clay Mask (purifier as need) - The clay mask is a purifier better for those with extremely oily skin because it essentially dries the skin by pulling out oils and impurities that block the pores. Like the ACM, I use it sparingly. Even with my super oily skin, too much drying is never a good thing. Warning: DO NOT LEAVE THIS PRODUCT ON PAST THE MAX TIME ALLOTTED!!! It's technically a chemical and WILL burn your skin. Been there, done that.



Exfoliant (as needed) - I don't know about you guys, but I'm used to exfoliants having beads or something rough to scrape dead skin off the face. However, the dead cells are never visibly removed. This time, it's different. This gel has no beads, but within seconds of applying it, dead skin cells literally roll off the face. The great thing is that, because it's actually removing dead cells, it quickly reduces the visibility of blemishes. I love this, considering the fact that I almost never let pimples run their full course, creating scars on my face.



Argan Oil (daily moisturizer) - OMG I love it!!!😱😱😱 It's pure oil but absorbs quickly to leave the perfect moisturized glow without leaving you looking like you've been sweating doing manual labor in the sun for hours. Don't start off with a large amount, though, because you will end up looking like your hands after eating wings.



Shea Butter (daily moisturizer) - OMG I love it even more. Shea butter is just good for your skin period.I sometimes use it as a moisterizer after I wash my face in the morning, but I especially like to apply it to my highlight areas and leave it to soak while im sleeping, that way I wake up with a nice, smooth, healthy glow.


As with any new product, try these in small amounts on a patch of your facial skin before using on your whole face. That way you can learn how your skin reacts before slapping on your entire face and learning the hard way.


Comment below with your questions and products you use so we can try those too.


bye yall!



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February 27, 2017

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