Kaffeine Coffee: OMG Restaurant Review

June 12, 2017




I am SO excited to share with you this week! Why? Because I've found a super cute, Central Houston-located cafe with an awesomely unique concept and delicious food! Located at 5225 Almeda Rd, Kaffeine Coffee is the perfect place to slow down and concentrate on work or your side hustle(s) while grabbing a meal and signature coffee or tea beverage.


Upon entering the internet and coffee cafe, you'll immediately feel at home. The furniture gives off a quiet, comfortable, antique vibe and in the front corner is a lounge area facing Almeda where you can watch passers by. On the other side of the room is a row of elevated desk spaces where one can spread out and dive into work.


Opposite the entrance is the front counter where you'll be warmly greeted by KiKi or another member of the Kaffein family. After directing to the menu and website, they'll even advise you as to which items may compliment your taste. The thing is, you'll want to order the entire menu. Each item sounds absolutely delectable and I had a hard time choosing.


I ended up ordering the Breakfast Croissant with bacon and the Chai Latte with Soy Milk. Now, let's discuss this food... IT'S AMAZING! I don't know about you guys, but a breakfast croissant, no matter where you get it from usually has a certain taste to it. Kaffeine's, though, was completely original, and did I mention good?!? The crispy bacon, which had minimal fat if any, was the best part. About the Chai Latte...I absolutely love Starbucks and always will. But, ladies and gents, this cinnamon-filled tea beverage tops any hot drink I've ever had from Starbcuks. It hurts me to admit it, but it's true.


After I'd devoured my croissant, I got to speak with Owner/Barista, Gena, who immediately began to share a lot more than information about Kaffein. She began by pointing out the affirmation wall that hangs above a table full of local business information at the door. She explained to me that the point of Kaffeine is to provide an office space outside of the office. They offer service like faxing and small print jobs and provide office supplies for those who may need them. By the end of my visit, however, Gena had taken me to near-by shops to showcase other minority-owned small businesses. I genuinely enjoyed my time with her and she seems to have a passion for connecting with and supporting others.


Overall, Kaffeine Coffee is a must-try spot that I highly recommend you stop by if you're in the Houston area. They also host events for the community, and, whether it's for an event or to work, I will definitely be back.


You can learn more about Kaffeine and view their full menu at Kaffeine Coffee Website. Then go ahead and check out their Instagram at Kaffeine Coffee Instagram, which features visits form local celebrities and public figures as well as international travelers.


Drop some of your favorite spots for me to visit in the comment box!





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February 27, 2017

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