Mental Health Awareness Month Move Arounds

May 29, 2017



Hey, loves!🙂


It's still Mental Health Awareness Month!!! I didn't forget and I'm not going to let you forget either. In honor of the month and me currently getting my mind right (notice I didn't say "trying to" because I'm leaving myself no choice), I'm going to list some situations, things, people, issues, whatever you may call them, that need to move around in order for me to take care of myself and remain mentally healthy. I'm leaving them right here in this post. NOTHING is worth giving up my mental health, so, here we go...


  • jealous people

  • those resistant to help

  • those resistant to progress

  • those who strictly maintain one-sided views

  • worry

  • premature panic

  • allowing occurances and people to have total control over my mood and day

  • negative overshadowing (allowing the negative to overshadow the positive)


All of the above are things I've be struggling with simultaneously and increasingly for the past few months. But, recently, I told myself, "no matter how much you care, try, or worry, some things are out of your control. And if you've done your part and tried to make a difference, yet, a change hasn't taken place, sometimes you have to wash your hands of it because it will literally drive you out of your right mind. And NOTHING is worth your good mental health. Nothing. I want you guys to remember that.


Now that you've read through my Mental Health Awareness Month Move Arounds, leave yours below. We're telling all these uncontrollable stresses to "move around!" 


Even further, don't be ashamed to talk to someone. Get things off your chest, we're not meant to do this alone (even though I try to all the time). If you need professional help, GET IT!!! There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with seeing someone or having meds to aid you through the process of figuring things out.


Have an awesome week my loves. Choose to be happy!



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February 27, 2017

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