ATX: An Enjoyable Trip for the Well-Rounded

March 27, 2017


Hey, Loves!


I'm SO tired! I just woke up at 9 a.m. and I literally feel like I'm about to pass right back out. Why? Partially because I just got back from a super fun trip. I'm not very well traveled, especially within the U.S. I've been to a few countries in Europe, but I think I've been to only six states nationally. Out of the six states I've been to, I've truly experienced maybe three of the places I visited. Sad, right? I know. However, lately, I've accepted an invitation or two to some trips. Where did I go most recently? I stayed right here in Texas, baby. That's right, Austin. For a native Texan, Austin is a place I should have been used to a long time ago. I've been once or twice but never took the time to see the city until now. It's awesome! Let's dive in.


#IAm well-rounded. I like to party, but I also like to learn and experience historic and natural sites. So, below are some spots in Austin (some I visited, some I didn't) to visit if you're well-rounded as well.


Inner Space Caverns

Whether you're a nature lover, scientist, or just someone who hasn't seen the inside of the earth, the Inner Space Cavern in Austin (there also caverns in San Antonio, parts of Georgia, and most southern states) is a must-see! There are options as to what kind of tour you can take based on just how intimate you want to get with the caves. I went on the basic tour, walking through the caverns and learning how parts of them caved in years ago is enough for me. Either way, they're beautiful and you can learn a lot. They also have gorgeous Zebras outside the building for some reason. During the tour I learned that the Longhorn Caverns, also in Austin, offer similar tours but they also have a paranormal tour for those who are into that.


South Congress

S Congress is a street. It runs into 6th street, so if you're not ready for the turn up I'd avoid 6th or go during the week. But, S Congress is a great place to eat and walk the streets to see what Downtown Austin has to offer. It reminds me of a mix between Downtown Houston and Bourbon Street in New Orleans because the set up is similar to that of Houston, but there are more restaurants and things to do.


Lake Travis

I love the water. And Lake Travis is beautiful. If Galveston is the closest beach to you, Lake Travis is like paradise. The water is blue in most places, it's surrounded by houses on hills, and when the weather is nice it's the perfect place to lay out on a boat for hours. Make sure you rent a ski boat and/or jet skis from Just For Fun and have major fun. I'd even see about renting a beach house out there. I definitely have unfinished business with Lake T.


The Picnic

The Picnic Austin is Austin's version of the latest eatery phenomenon - the food truck park. There's not much to say other than "I went twice." The park is dog-friendly, has open seating, and the food is great! Two must-eat trucks are The Mighty Cone (all entrees contain almonds, I had to suffer through missing out on that one) and Gambino's Gourmet (cajun cuisine).


Sixth Street

There's not much to say about Sixth Street. You just have to experience it for yourself. The drinks are cheap and the people are interesting. Bring your I.D. because if you don't have it, all you'll experience is the actual street. I will say that if you really want to be in the midst of people, do not go to W Sixth Street. They have nice bars and good music, but it's very calm.


ATX to Come

There are places that I didn't get to visit and things I didn't get to do, for whatever reason, but trust me, I will find my way back.

  • Austin's natural pools - Barton Springs Pool, McKinney Falls - Upper Falls/Lower Falls, Blue Hole Georgetown, Hamilton Pool, Pedernales Falls, Jacobs well, Blue Hole Wimberley (Find more on

  • Jet skiing on Lake Travis

  • Beach house on lake travis

  • San Marcos Outlet Malls

If you know of places I should go or have questions about my trip, leave them in the comment box below.


Talk to y'all later.



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February 27, 2017

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