May 31, 2019

By a show of hands, who spends extra money to get your gel or powder set removed at the salon? ✋🏾 That service alone makes maintenance more expensive than the original set is... and issa nahh for me. Beside that, if I let the nail tech trim my nails down, they NEVER cut my nails as short as I want them. So what are we doing about that? 🗣 Taking our own sets off BEFORE heading back to the salon.

Here’s what you’ll need

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April 11, 2019

I've got a new favorite swim suit and I'm sharing this super cute, super fitting company with you for the low-low.

December 31, 2018

Hey loves!

Being that today is NYE 2018, it’s only right that i release my last post of the year: a review of my goals and expectations for 2018. If you don’t remember (or didn’t read), here’s what I wanted and how I faired this year. 

2018 Goals

Advance in my career - in a way, ✅
Gain $7,200 in yearly income - ✅
Rid my life of major stresses - ✅✅✅
Rid my life of empty obligations - ✅✅✅
Transition my focus and dedication to...

September 19, 2018

Hey loves, 

On my journey to forever be more and more in love with myself, I’ve recently found my go-to, EFFORTLESSLY flawless look. Here’s how I attain it...

Sexy IDC Hair

We often search for hair perfection. But isn’t that inching away from who we really are? Plus it takes way too much money, effort, and time. Grab your favorite conditioner, wash that mop, condition, and go. Literally. However your hair turns out, flip it aroun...

August 6, 2018

Hey loves,

Since I speak to fashion, wholistic health, and beauty from my POV, one of my male readers recently asked if I prefer any trends in men’s fashion. DO I? Here the are.

Keep it Cool

Almost any day or event can be perfectly accompanied by a casual look properly accessorized to fit the situation.

Layers and Accent Pieces

They just work.💁🏾

The Tailored or Slim Fit Suit

Please don’t argue with me. It’s a classic and it ca...

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