August 6, 2018

Hey loves,

Since I speak to fashion, wholistic health, and beauty from my POV, one of my male readers recently asked if I prefer any trends in men’s fashion. DO I? Here the are.

Keep it Cool

Almost any day or event can be perfectly accompanied by a casual look properly accessorized to fit the situation.

Layers and Accent Pieces

They just work.💁🏾

The Tailored or Slim Fit Suit

Please don’t argue with me. It’s a classic and it ca...

April 21, 2016


"Okay so I think this guy in my ******* class is really really cute, and could possibly be someone I really wanna date. My best friend told him that I thought he was cute and interesting and that I was single, he said he was single too, and she told him my name and everything. I already know his btw lol so that was last Friday, Monday and Wednesday (MWF class) I haven't said hi to him yet, idk what to do. I'm so scary a...

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